Condo, Townhome or House ? Take the test!

Does a Condominium / Townhouse vs. living in a House better support your lifestyle needs? Answer the questions below to help find out which is a better fit for you!

  1. I do not have time OR I do not want to mow the lawn, rake leaves, weed the garden, etc. In short, I don't have a green thumb and have no interest in acquiring one! NOTE: MOST Townhouses do not have yards, however there are a few that do have smaller yards if you enjoy gardening / yard work.
    (Answer: YES or NO )
  2. I do not mind paying for amenities that I may not use such as swimming pool, tennis courts, gym facilities, etc.
    (Answer: YES or NO )
  3. For the next 5 years or so, I do NOT expect my lifestyle to change to the point whereas I will need different housing accommodations based on my immediate / existing housing criteria.
    (Answer: YES or NO )
  4. I can happily live in a multi-unit Condominium / Townhouse complex with neighbors in close proximity, etc.
    (Answer: YES or NO )
  5. I do not want or need to control everything regarding my housing accommodations. EXAMPLE: Some complexes prohibit changes to the exterior or certain interior modifications since certain types of modifications can affect the overall structure of the building itself.
    (Answer: YES or NO )
  6. I can tolerate rules that might limit my decorating choices. EXAMPLE: Some complexes regulate what can be used for window coverings in order to preserve a consistent look from the outside.
    (Answer: YES or NO )

Rating your score

Those are the “big questions”. If you have answered “YES” to all of the questions above then your lifestyle is well suited for multi-unit Condominium / Townhouse living. If you answered “NO” to any of the answers, carefully re-consider if that issue is critical for you and a “showstopper”. If it is showstopper, a single family home would be much better suited for your lifestyle needs. Click below to search for Condo/Townhome communities in North Atlanta.

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If your preference is for a Single Family Home (instead of a Condo/Townhome) in North Atlanta click here to search for homes in Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Cumming and Johns Creek.

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